Chinese Restaurant Near Me: Best in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Are you looking for a great Chinese restaurant in Dubai or Abu Dhabi? Look no further! We have chosen the best ones for you. These Chinese restaurants Near Me have delicious food, excellent service, and an atmosphere that will make you feel like you are in China. Whether you live in these cities or are just visiting, these restaurants will give you a memorable dining experience. The experience will leave you wanting more.

Near Me Chinese Restaurant

Dubai and Abu Dhabi are well known for their diverse food scenes, offering many different types of restaurants. When it comes to Chinese food, these cities have some of the best restaurants outside of China.

  • The list of Chinese restaurants near me includes a variety of traditional and modern hotels.
  • Each restaurant was chosen for its delicious food, authentic flavors, and nice atmosphere.
Chin Chin Dubai Wide Range Restaurant Karama
Paramount Restaurant Qusais Oriental Korner
  • The restaurants mentioned in this article were chosen because they are dedicated to being excellent, genuine, and creative.
  • This makes sure that your dining experience will be one you won’t forget.

Best Chinese Specialities Restaurant in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

You can find traditional dishes and new creations in these Dubai and Abu Dhabi cities. Whether you like spicy Sichuan food, tasty Cantonese dim sum, or new fusion dishes, you will find a restaurant you will enjoy.

  • Come with us as we discover some of the best Chinese restaurant in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
  • They promise an unforgettable dining experience.
Restaurant  Phone Number
Hakkasan Abu Dhabi 971 2 690 7739
Shang Palace 971 2 509 8555
Red Castle Restaurant 971 52 588 9168
China Club Dubai 971 4 205 7033
New Shanghai Restaurant 971 4 224 6819
Hutong Dubai 971 4 220 0868
Royal China Restaurant 971 4 354 5543


So Abu Dhabi has some of the best Chinese restaurants in Dubai and the world. They offer a variety of flavors and experiences for everyone. Whether you like traditional Cantonese food or new fusion dishes, these restaurants are sure to impress you. So, why wait? Visit these restaurants today and enjoy a culinary journey through China’s flavors.

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