Payyannur Restaurant Abu Dhabi Menu, Reviews, Contact Number

Those like food in Abu Dhabi, hearing about Payyannur Restaurant will make you happy. This special restaurant is famous for its real flavors, friendly atmosphere, and food experience that’s more exciting than usual. In this piece, we explore the tempting details of the Payyannur Restaurant Abu Dhabi Menu. We delve into glowing reviews that express satisfaction from diners. Plus, we provide you with the contact number to start your culinary adventure.

Payyannur Restaurant Abu Dhabi Menu

The menu is crucial for a hotel, and this restaurant goes above expectations. When you check out Payyannur Restaurant Abu Dhabi Menu, you experience delightful smells and lively spices. The chefs at this spot take pride in creating dishes that honor the authentic flavors of South India but also give them a modern touch for today’s preferences.


Variety Price (AED)
  • Vegetable Pal Curry
  • Malabari 
  • Ulli Theeyal
  • Gobi Manchurian
  • Paneer Butter Masala
  • Mango Curry
Dal Fry 10.50
Palak Paneer Bhurji 18.90


Variety Price (AED)
  • Egg Masala
  • Malabari
  • Roast
Omelet  5.25
Egg Burji 10.50

Mutton and Beef

Variety Price (AED)
  • Mutton Varatiyathu
  • Mutton Chops
  • Stew
  • Nadan Curry 
  • Mutton Rogan Josh
  • Nadan Beef Chilli 
  • Beef Coconut Fry
  • Ularthiyathu


Variety Price (AED)
  • Veg Meas
  • Fish Curry  
Mutton Biriyani 19.95
Chicken 13.65
King Fish 21.00
Prawns 26.25
Vegetable 12.60


Variety Price (AED)
Chee Rice 8.40
Jeera, Mix Vegetable and Kashmiri 12.60
Chicken Fried Rice 14.70
Prawns  19.95
Steam Rice 6.30


Variety Price (AED)
Vegetable Hakka Noodles  13.65
Chicken 16.80
Prawns 21.00
Mixed Hakka 23.10


Variety Price (AED)
  • Kerala Paratha
  • Idiyappam
  • Kallappam
  • Thattu Dosa
  • Appam
  • Wheat Paratha
  • Chapathi
  • Tandoori Rotti
Tandoori Naan 3.15
Butter Naan 4.20

Hot Beverage

Variety Price (AED)
Tea 2.10
Coffee 3.15
Dancing Tea 5.25


Variety Price (AED)
  • Ummummas Pudding
  • Cut Fruit Plater with Honey Sauce
  • Hot Neypayasam with Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Hot Brownie
  • Special Falooda 
  • Banana Split


Variety Price (AED)
  • Idli Set
  • Ghee Roast 
  • Thattu Dosa 
  • Vada 
  • Uppumav
  • Egg Roast
  • Egg Curry
  • Kadaia Curry
  • Bhaji 
  • Poori Bhaji
  • Puttu Set
  • Appam

Cold Beverages

Variety Price (AED)
Fresh Fruits Juice 12.60
  • Fruit Shakes
  • Cold Coffee with Icecream 
Iced Tea 10.50
Bottled Water 3.15

tast Kadaia Curry

Payyannur Restaurant Abu Dhabi Reviews

  • The best part of Payyannur Restaurant is its amazing food. The menu has a variety of South Indian dishes, like crispy dosas and tasty curries. Each dish shows the chef’s dedication to keeping the authentic flavors alive, using fresh, high quality ingredients.
  • Staff at Payyannur Restaurant deserves praise for their excellent service. Once you sit down, the attentive and friendly waitstaff makes sure your dining experience is enjoyable. Their knowledge of the menu and willingness to help you choose from a variety of dishes contribute to the overall positive experience.
Source Rating Total Reviews
Google 4.3 2,390 Google reviews 
Zomato 4.3 195

Contact Number

Ready for a food adventure at Payyannur Restaurant Abu Dhabi? If you want to reserve a table, ask questions, or just enjoy the anticipation, call the number below:

City Contact Number
Abu Dhabi 971 2 671 7176

Hence Payyannur Restaurant in Abu Dhabi promises more than just a meal; it offers a culinary adventure. The menu sticks to tradition and reviews praise the excellent hospitality. Further, contact number invites you to the table, highlighting the lively and diverse world of South Indian cuisine. Give them a call, reserve your spot, and get ready to enjoy the different flavors at Payyannur restaurant. Hope so they fill all of your requirement.

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