Al Ustad Special Kebab Menu with Photos, Reviews of Kabab

Start a unique food journey with Al Ustad Special Kebab, where cooking skills and the classic appeal of kebabs come together. The Al Ustad Special Kebab Menu is much more than just meals; it’s a special experience for your senses, made with great care to be truly outstanding. Every kebab is a special creation, mixing old ways with new ideas to make eating more than just enjoyable. Get your taste organs ready for an amazing mix of flavors that will delight you and make you want to explore more.

Al Ustad Special Kebab Menu with Photos

The Al Ustad Special Kebab Menu showcases excellent cooking skills. It is carefully selected to delight food lovers and meet their hearty appetites. Join us as we explore its top dishes. Each dish presents a variety of tasty flavors waiting to be discovered.


Lunch, the meal we usually eat in the middle of the day, is very important in our daily lives and cultures around the world. It gives us a needed break from our day, providing food, energy, and a chance to rest or spend time with friends.

Variety Price (AED)
  • Cholo Khoresht
  • Gousht
  • Mourgh
35 (Each)
Cholo Mahi 36



Dinner, usually the last meal of the day, is very important in our daily life and when we meet others. It’s a time to relax, get closer to family and friends, and enjoy tasty food after a busy day. Let’s take a closer look at what makes dinner special.

Variety Price (AED)
  • Kabab Khas
  • Joujeh Kabab
  • Khorak Bahraini
  • Chicken Breast 
38 (Each)
Kabab Koubldeh 42
Cholo Kabab 39
Sultani 54
Khorak Sultani 44
Cholo Barg 40
Khorak Barg 30

delicious food

Different Mixes

From warm soups to filling rice dishes, flavorful green rice, or smooth hummus, cooking skillfully mixes many ingredients and tastes to make delicious and satisfying meals.

Variety Price (AED)
  • Mix One
  • Mix Two
46 (Each)
Mix Three 38
Mix Four 47
Mix Five  52
Soup 7/14
  • Ric
  • Green Rice 
10 (Each)
Hammus  8

amazing dish

Al Ustad Special Kabab Reviews

  • Al Ustad Special Kebab every bite is packed with wonderful flavors, and the friendly staff makes you feel as relaxed and comfortable as if you were at home.
  • For many years, people keep coming back to Al Ustad because it’s always amazing. The kebabs are always tasty, and the service is great, really standing out as the best.
Source  Rating Total Reviews
Google 4.3 10,276 Google reviews
Zomato 4.5 1,956
Tripadvisor 4.5 212

Looking into the Al Ustad Special Kebab Menu shows it’s more than just a regular meal. As soon as you enter this place of great food, you start a special journey through different flavors, traditions, and amazing friendliness. So, why wait? Go for a special food journey and see the special things Al Ustad has to offer today.

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