Chillis Menu UAE Dubai with Prices, Review, Location

Dubai, renowned for its opulent living and vibrant cultural mosaic, presents a varied food landscape to suit every palate. Among the many favored eateries, Chillis stands out for its unique blend of Tex-Mex and American cuisines. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the Chillis Menu UAE Dubai with Prices a review of their offerings, and information on their locations. Prepare for a culinary adventure that promises to thrill your senses and tantalize your flavor sensors.

Chillis Menu UAE Dubai with Prices

Begin your dining adventure with a selection of extraordinary appetizers. The Chili’s UAE Dubai menu features favorites such as the iconic oldtimer burger, the flavorful cajun chicken Pasta, and the richly seasoned saucier steaks. These delectable dishes are ideal for sharing and are sure to tantalize your taste buds, leaving you longing for more.


Variety Price (AED)
Chips And Salsa 36.00
Triple Dipper 79.00
Loaded Boneless Wings 57.00
Chicken Mushroom Soup 21.00


Variety Price (AED)
Alex’s Santa Fe Burger 69.00
Oldtime  61.00
Big Mouth Bites 59.00
Mushroom Swiss 71.00

Full On Fajitas

Variety Price (AED)
Fajita For 3 139.00
Chicken 92.00
Mix your Fajita any Two 102.00

Saucier Steaks

Variety Price (AED)
Chili Classic Tenderloin 145.00


Variety Price (AED)
  • Crispy Honey Chipotle Chicken
  • Crispy Chicken
  • Country Fried Chicken

Grilled Chicken and Sea Food

Variety Price (AED)
Beef Bacon Jack 79.00
Monterey Chicken 81.00
Margarita Grilled Chicken 76.00

 Top Shelf Tacos

Variety Price (AED)
Chicken Tacos 71.00
Spicy Grilled Shrimp 72.00

Fresh Mex Bowls

Variety Price (AED)
Margherita Chicken 69.00


Variety Price (AED)
Sour Cream Chicken 83.00


Variety Price (AED)
  • Santa Fe
  • Beef Bacon Ranch

Big Bold Pasta

Variety Price (AED)
Cajun Chicken 72.00
  • Cajun Shrimp
  • Spicy Shrimp

Salads and Soups

Variety Price (AED)
Quesadilla Explosion  72.00
  • Caesar Salad
  • Chili House 
Santa Fe Crispy Chicken Crisper Salad 69.00


Variety Price (AED)
Grilled Chicken 54.00
Buffalo Chicken Ranch 56.00

Kids Meal

Variety Price (AED)
  • Crispy Chicken Crispers
  • Max and Cheese
  • Cheesy Chicken Pasta
  • Cheese Margherita Pizza
  • Cheese Burger Bites

Fresh Juices

Variety Price (AED)
Lemonade 21.00
  • Mint Lemonade Juice
  • Strawberry

Crispy Honey Chipotle Chicken

Chillis Menu Review

A great part of my meal was the Mushroom Swiss Burger. It was well made with a juicy beef patty, onions, mushrooms cooked together, melted Swiss cheese, fresh lettuce, tomatoes, and mayo. All of this was in a soft, toasted bun. The burger was big enough to be a satisfying meal.

Source Rating Total Reviews
Zomato 3.9 258
Tripadvisor 3.5 52

Chillis Menu Locations

Now that you’re excited about these tasty dishes, you might want to know where to get them. Luckily, Chillis has many locations in Dubai. This makes it easy for both people living there and visitors to enjoy their delicious food.

Chillis Menu Dubai Contact Number

City Phone Number
Dubai Festival City 971 4 705 9676
Bin Lahej 971 4 705 9656
Dubai 971 4 705 9671

Therefore Chillis Menu UAE Dubai with Prices is more than just a regular restaurant. It has a wide range of dishes, good prices, and a friendly feel. This place is perfect for making happy memories, sharing laughs, and enjoying great flavors. Whether you live in Dubai or are just visiting, Chilli’s is a place you should go to. It promises a wonderful time that will make you happy and satisfied.

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