Heart Attack Dubai Menu, Offers, Reviews

Dubai is known for being very fancy and impressive. It gives you a unique food adventure with a mix of different tastes and dishes from many places. Everything is served in a fancy way that’s special to this bright and beautiful city. In the middle of tall buildings and a shiny desert, there is a special restaurant, Heart Attack Dubai. In this context, we will take a close look at the interesting Heart Attack Dubai Menu, talk about some great offers, and see why people’s excellent reviews make this restaurant a popular place to visit in the city.

Heart Attack Dubai Menu

Prepare for an exciting food experience with the Heart Attack Dubai Menu, where you will find many different and delicious flavors waiting for you. The chefs here are good at cooking, and they make every dish carefully to show their skills. Let’s look at some of the special dishes that make Heart Attack Dubai so famous.

Family Meal

Variety Price (Convert all from L.E to AED)  
Nine Piece Chicken 420
Twelve Piece Chicken 480
Sixteen Piece Chicken  580
Twenty Piece Chicken 685
Ten Piece Strips 350
Twenty Piece Strips 530

Single Meal

Variety Price (Convert from L.E to AED)
  • Single Mix
  • Heart Attack Dinner
Heart Attack Super Dinner  275

Cheese Fountain

Variety Price (L.E)
Fountain 185

Chicken Sandwiches

Variety Price (L.E)  
  • Chicken Heart Attack
  • Burned Heart
  • Muscle Attack
  • Hangover Chicken
  • Fire In The Hole
(Single) 105  (Double) 130

Beef Burger

Variety Price (L.E)  
  • Cheesy Heart Attack 
  • Texas Attack
  • Las Vegas Style
  • Brave Heart
(Single) 115  (Double) 160

Kids Meals

Variety Price (L.E)
  • Daboos Meal 
  • Chicken Finger


Variety Price (L.E)
  • French Fries
  • Rice
Cole Slaw 40

Ten Piece Strips

Heart Attack Menu Offers

Heart Attack Dubai wants everyone to enjoy good food, so they have many great deals and discounts to make your meal even better. Stay alert for their daily specials, attractive happy hour deals, and unique packages for special events. No matter, if it’s for a birthday, anniversary, or just hanging out with friends, Heart Attack Dubai, has different special deals for every kind of celebration.

Heart Attack Menu Reviews

For my main meal, I picked the “Texas Burger,” and it was better than I thought it would be. This huge burger had tasty beef patties, crispy bacon, cheese, lettuce, and their special sauce. It tasted amazing and was satisfying. It’s a big burger.

Source Rating Total Reviews
Google 3.8 192
Tripadvisor 4.0 3,274

Heart Attack Contact Number

Phone Number N/A

Hence Heart Attack Dubai Menu turns eating out into something special. It’s not just a restaurant; it’s like a big celebration of different tastes, a wonderful journey through great cooking, and a way to show respect for expert food-making. Come join us for a food adventure where every flavor grabs your attention and makes you want more. Welcome to Heart Attack Dubai a place where each bite is an exciting taste experience.

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