KFC Near me in UAE, Number, Offers Discount

In the middle of the United Arab Emirates, a place where old traditions and modern life blend beautifully, there’s a common love shared by both locals and visitors the unique and comforting taste of Kentucky Fried Chicken. It’s a sign of togetherness and comfort that brings different people together because of its delicious taste. KFC has become the top choice for lovers of great, tasty fast food. This guide aims to be your go-to source for finding KFC Near Me in UAE, along with special offers and discounts that are too good to pass up.

KFC Near me in UAE

Finding a KFC Near me in UAE is easier than might think. With locations in big cities like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and others, a tasty meal is never too far. Whether you want the famous fried chicken, a spicy Zinger burger, or something healthier like salads and wraps, KFC’s menu has options for everyone.

KFC UAE Contact Number

Want to order or ask about what’s on the menu? You can easily call KFC’s support line. Their friendly customer service team is here to help you, making sure everything goes smoothly and happily from when you order to when you get your food. KFC’s hotline in the UAE is focused on making ordering your food as easy as possible for you.

City Phone Number
UAE 971 600 522252

KFC Offers Discount

KFC is known not only for its delicious food but also for its great deals that give you more for your money. From big buckets for the family to single meals and tasty sides, you will find many discounts and special offers.

  • These deals make sure everyone enjoys their meal without spending too much.
  • Look out for the KFC Offers Today Discount UAE to get special deals that make your eating experience even better.

Exclusive Deals

Variety Offer Price (AED) Real Price
Duo Cruncher Dip 26 40
Duo Zinger Dip 38 58
Twister 26 42
Super Mega Deal 69 132
Cruncher Twist 24 29
Super 30 99 177.50
24 Piece Double Bucket 135 180


Whether you have always loved KFC’s crispy, golden chicken or are just discovering its delicious taste, the UAE invites you to enjoy your favorite meals. Their restaurants are easy to find, offering deals that will warm your heart. Their team is dedicated to making each visit special, ensuring a memorable KFC experience is always close by. Experience the joy and comfort of eating your beloved dishes in a place that feels like home. Every bite will remind you why so many people love KFC.

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