Koukh al Shay Menu, Near me in Ajman or Rashidiya and Mamzar

In the lively cities of Ajman, Rashidiya, and Mamzar, there’s a special food place that attracts both serious food fans and people who just like to eat. The Koukh al Shay is famous for its delicious food and comfortable setting. It honors the local food traditions especially, giving you a dining experience you will always remember. This context invites you on a food journey to try the unique tastes of the Koukh al Shay Menu. Here, old traditions and new flavors come together perfectly, creating a dining experience like no other that will impress your taste organs.

Koukh al Shay Menu

The Koukh al Shay Menu offers a wide range of delicious dishes, with something special for everyone. From the soft and flavorful Biryani to the rich, spicy stews and amazing chinese fried rice, each dish is a blend of great taste and looks, truly showing the beauty of cooking.

Salad and Soups

Variety Price (AED)
  • Fattoush Salad
  • Tabbouleh 
14 (Each)
Zinger Salad  18
Green Mix Salad 15
  • Tomato Soup
  • Seafood
  • Chi Manchow
  • Chicken
  • Vegetable
  • Chicken Com 
14 (Each)

Chinese Combo Meal

Variety Price (AED)
  • Chicken with Veg Fried Rice
  • Prawns
  • Beef
  • Chi Chilli
22 (Each)

Chinese Fried Rice

Variety Price (AED)
  • Schezwan Veg Fried Rice
  • Schezwan Egg 
16 (Each)
  • Schezwan Beef Fried Rice
  • Prawns 
20 (Each)
Mixed Rice 22
  • Vegetable Rice
  • Egg
14 (Each)
  • Mixed Fried Rice
  • Beef
  • Prawns
20 (Each)

Indian Cuisine

Indian food is famous for its complex mix of tastes, ranging from very spicy and sour to smooth and sweet. Every dish in Indian cooking offers a different flavor, making it appealing to many different likes with its wide and varied food choices.

Variety Price (AED)
  • Chicken Chilli
  • Butter Chicken
  • Beef Fry
  • Chicken 65 Dry
  • Pepper Chicken
  • Garlic
  • Prawns Masala
17 (Each)
  • Beef Chilli
  • Chicken Wings
18 (Each)
  • Paneer Kadai
  • Mutton Mushroom 
15 (Each)


Variety Price (AED)
  • Special Beef Biryani
  • Chicken Tikka
  • Prawns
  • Chicken Kabab 
  • Paneer 
20 (Each)
  • Chicken Strips
  • Special Chicken Hyderabadi
15 (Each)

Burger Combo Sandwich

Variety Price (AED)
Royal Grill Double Burger 22
  • Star Grill Beef
  • Magic Grill
  • Zinger King Size 
16/23 (Each)
Maxi Golden Burger 20/26

Poratta Sandwiches

Variety Price (AED)
  • Special Zinger Poratta
  • Zinger Mathafi  
13 (Each)
  • Koukh Special Pubg Poratta
  • Shababi
  • Metro Zinger
  • Koukh Special
  • Fansisco
9 (Each)

Special Plate Items

Variety Price (AED)
  • Dynamite Prawns
  • Dynamite Chicken Strips
  • Butterfly Prawns
27 (Each)
  • Chicken Nuggets
  • Chicken Popcorn
15 (Each)
Potato Net 10/12
  • French Fries
  • Potato Rings 
10/15 (Each)

Club Sandwich

Club sandwiches mix different ingredients that many people like. They have layers of bread with tasty meats, cheeses, fresh vegetables, and tasty sauces. This mix creates a variety of flavors and feels, making them a great choice for everyone.

Variety Price (AED)
Food N Drink Special Family 42/62
Zinger / Matha  15/16
Koukh Special Pubg 18
Mega Club  13
Seafood  16
Chicken / Beef 14

Special Items

Variety Price (AED)
  • Keema Plate
  • Hotdog
  • Ten Thousand Sandwich
  • Sheesh Tawook
15 (Each)
Beef Nashif 22
Chicken Nashif 21

Fried Strips

Variety Price (AED)
Strips Meal 15
Jumbo Meal 32
Mini Strips Meal 44
Family Stripsa 50
Family Strips Bucket 60

Club Sandwich

Koukh al Shay Near me in Ajman or Rashidiya and Mamzar

Wherever you are in Ajman, Rashidiya, or Mamzar, you will find a Koukh al Shay restaurant nearby. Every place is chosen so it’s easy for people to visit. The food and service are always excellent at all locations, so you are sure to have a wonderful meal every time you go, with the best flavors and service every time.

Branches Contact Number
Ajman 971 56 506 3132
Hamidiya 971 6 748 9852
Ajman 971 6 746 4555
Old Rashidiya Souq 971 4 222 3311
Al Mamzar 971 4 349 7088

So Koukh al Shay is more than a regular place to eat; it’s a special spot where amazing cooking, rich culture, and old traditions come together, making a memorable experience that stays with you. With its carefully chosen menu, welcoming environment, and strong commitment to quality, Koukh al Shay is all set to become your favorite place for enjoying Middle Eastern food.

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