OFK Menu Dubai, Location, Reservation Number, Reviews

Dubai is famous for its luxury and modern developments. It is always a place where people can enjoy a variety of food from all over the world. Hidden among the tall, shiny buildings of the Dubai International Financial Centre is a special restaurant, OFK, that both local people and tourists enjoy. In this context, we invite you to come with us on a special food journey. We will look at the amazing OFK Menu Dubai, talk about its great location in the city, and share reviews that will make you excited to try the food.

OFK Menu Dubai

The OFK menu mixes different kinds of food from around the world in a special way. It has something for everyone, including Japanese food, Mediterranean dishes, and traditional American favorites. There’s something enjoyable for every person who eats there.

House Caesar

Variety Price (AED)
(Add) Char Grilled Chicken 60

Wagyu Crispy Rice 

Variety Price (AED)
(Add) Shiitake Truffle Soy Glaze   65


Variety Price (AED)
(Add) Wasabi, Nori Crisp 30

Apple and Frisee

Variety Price (AED)
(Add) Goat Cheese, Baby Spinach, Almonds, Tahini Dressing 60

Crab Avocado Maki

Crab Avocado Maki mixes tasty crab meat with creamy avocado, creating a delicious combination of flavors that many people enjoy.

Variety Price (AED)
(Add) Tempura Shrimp, Cream Cheese, Sweet Potato Floss, Spicy Mayo 55


Variety Price (AED)
(Add) Roasted Potato Wedges, Lamb, Kashaval, Aioli, BBQ, Firehouse Sauce, Crispy Roasted Onions 60


Variety Price (AED)
(Add) Heirloom Tomatoes, Basil  60

Miso Chicken Sandwich

Variety Price (AED)
(Add) Aji Verde, Onions, Fries, Sourdough Pita 60

Wagyu Cheese Steak Sliders

Variety Price (AED)
(Add) Pepper Jack, Mushroom, Onion, Truffle Aioli, Brioche 60

Mascarpone Mashed Potatoes

Variety Price (AED)
(Add) Truffle Oil  30

Black Tiger Shrimp

Variety Price (AED)
(Add) Tobanjan Glaza 70

Wagyu Tenderloin

Wagyu beef, especially the tenderloin, is well known for its rich, buttery, and incredibly delicious taste. The fat marbling in the meat makes it even more flavorful, creating an exceptionally enjoyable dining experience.

Variety Price (AED)
(Add) Rosemary Portobello Mushroom Cream 210

Black Angus Tenderloin

Variety Price (AED)
(Add) Rosemary Portobello Mushroom Cream  150


Variety Price (AED)
(Add) Black Angus Prime Rib  320

Wagyu Aburi

Variety Price (AED)
(Add) Truffle Mayo, Truffle 55

Sriracha Honey Shrimp

Variety Price (AED)
(Add) Sesame Seed, Fried Yuka, Yuzu Miso Ranch  70

Spaghetti Bolognese

Variety Price (AED)
(Add) Parmesan, Basil 75

Roasted Chicken Penne

Variety Price (AED)
(Add) Portobello Mushroom Cream, Crispy Enoki and Panko  70

Roasted Chicken Riso

Variety Price (AED)
(Add) Asparagus, Portobello Mushroom Cream 75

Short Rib Ouzi

When you cook short ribs the right way, they become tender and juicy. Making Short Rib Ouzi involves slow cooking or braising the meat, which makes it almost melt in your mouth.

Variety Price (AED)
(Add) Mixed Nuts, Creamy Tahini, Chermoula  75

Lobster Fried Rice 

Variety Price (AED)
(Add) Bone Marrow, Oyster Sauce, Onions 75

Spicy Tuna Wonton Taco

Variety Price (AED)
(Add) Mango, Kimchi, Kimchi Mayo 55

Halloumi Point Neuf Fries

Variety Price (AED)
(Add) Jalapeno, Tahini Yoghurt, Pomegranate Molasses 50


Variety Price (AED)
  • Saint Pear
  • Spicy Ponche 
  • Cherry Bomb
  • Blueberry Colada

Cherry Bomb

OFK Menu Dubai Location

OFK is located in the middle of Dubai at DIFC, which makes it more attractive. DIFC is not just an important place for finance but also a busy area known for its exciting lifestyle. The restaurant’s great location lets you enjoy a fancy meal before or after checking out nearby attractions.

OFK Menu Dubai Reservation Number

For a great meal at OFK, they have a special number you can call to reserve a table. It’s best to call and book your spot early, especially when the restaurant is usually busy, so you don’t miss out on eating at this wonderful place.

City Contact Number
Downtown Dubai 971 4 386 3599

OFK Menu Reviews

I picked the grilled lamb chops, and they were cooked well. The lamb was tender, juicy, and had just the right amount of seasoning. The side dishes, like roasted vegetables and couscous, went very well with it.

Source Rating Total Reviews
Google 4.4 1,411 Google reviews 
Zomato 4.2 163
Tripadvisor 4.5 69

Hence OFK Dubai is not just a place to eat; it’s a special experience that’s more than what you normally expect from a restaurant. With its great menu, amazing location, and excellent reviews, OFK Dubai is a place you should go to for some of the best food in Dubai. Reserve your table today and look forward to a food experience that will make you want to return.

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