Papa Johns Price List of Menu in UAE, Contact Number

Begin your flavorful expedition with our specialized guide, perfect for pizza fans in the UAE. Craving a slice of Papa John’s celebrated pizzas. You have found your ultimate destination. Now tell you about the Papa Johns Menu UAE and their prices. We will keep you updated with the latest prices and give you all the important contact information you need. Brace yourself for an exploration of this taste brings a joyous explosion of delicious flavors.

Menu with Price List

The Papa Johns menu UAE price list has a great mix of famous pizzas and special local flavors. They have popular pizzas like Margherita and Pepperoni, and also different kinds like BBQ Chicken and Hawaiian. They also have sides like garlic knots and chicken wings that go well with any pizza.


Variety Price (AED)
  • Sweetheart Combo
  • Duo Plus
Large Pizza with Sweetheart Honey 93.00
  • Quattro
  • Family Feast
Trio Plus 99.00
Papadia Meal for One 60.00
Feast For Six 149.00
Meal For 3 89.00
Meal for 2 69.00
Meal for One + Chicken Wings 29.00

Kid’s Meals

Variety Price (AED)
  • Mini Cheese Sticks Meal with Kinder Joy
  • Chicken Poppers
  • Cheese Pizza Meal with Kinder Joy
  • Happy Face Pizza


Variety Price (AED)
  • Margherita
  • Create Your Own
  • Spicy Chicken Ranch
  • Pepperoni
  • Super Papa
  • Chicken BBQ
  • Hawaiian
  • Fresh Spinach & Tomato Alfredo
  • Pepperoni & Jalapeno
  • Spicy Garden Special
  • Chicken Florentine
  • Hot & Spicy

Papa Johns Cheddar Pizzas

Cheddar cheese tastes strong and tangy, which lots of people like. When you melt it on pizza, it gives a yummy and slightly tangy flavor that goes well with the other stuff on the pizza.

Variety Price (AED)
  • Cheddar Cheese Feast
  • Chicken Club
  • Double Cheese Burger
  • Mexican Chicken

Indian Feast

Variety Price (AED)
  • Cheddar Makhani
  • Paneer Garden Special
  • Butter Chicken
  • Paneer Makhani


Variety Price (AED)
Firecracker Wings Eight Piece 28.00
Spicy Pepperoni Rolls 26.00 
Saucy Poppers Mix Box 39.00 
  • Buffalo Saucy Twelve Piece
  • BBQ Saucy
  • Chicken Wings Eight Piece
  • Chickenstrips Six Piece
Chili Ranch Saucy Poppers 35.00 

Cheddar Starters

Variety Price (AED)
  • Cheddar Cheesesticks fourteen Piece
  • Ultimate Cheddar Rolls  Eight Piece

At papa John’s, they have different Papadias with different flavors like Italian, chicken club, BBQ Chicken and veggie, and more. This way, they have something for everyone’s taste.

Variety Price (AED)
  • Veggie
  • Spicy Italian 
  • BBQ Chicken 
  • Spicy Chicken Ranch 
  • Chicken Club 
  • Cheeseburger
  • Cheddar Mexican Chicken 


Variety Price (AED)
Garden Salad 20.00 
  • Chicken Tender 
  • Papa’s Club


Variety Price (AED)
  • Chicken Florentine 
  • Papa’s House 


Variety Price (AED)
Oreo Scrolls with Cheesecake Filling 17.00
Sweetheart M&M Pie 35.00 
  • Chocolate Scrolls
  • Apple Pie


Papa Johns UAE Contact Number

One excited to order from Papa Johns UAE and wondering how to do it, it is really simple! Just call their Papa John’s UAE contact number. Their helpful staff will help you order, and answer any questions.

City Contact Number
Al Attar Business Center 971 600 520001


Does Papa Johns offer vegetarian options?

Yes, there are several vegetarian pizzas available on the menu.

Is there a delivery service?

Papa Johns offers a fast and reliable delivery service across the UAE.

The Papa John’s Menu UAE  Price List is special. They offer great tasting, high quality food at prices that are easy on your wallet. Whether you really love pizza or just want a nice meal, they have lots of different options for everyone. Their easy way to order, good prices, and tasty food make them very special now.

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