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For, tasty fried chicken, you are now coming close to the right spot in Dubai. Yes, the Toit Fried Chicken Menu covers many dishes that will leave you wanting more. From many aspects Toit is a wonderful food place. Their fried chicken is one of their top dishes, with each piece being tender and flavorful. The crispy outside and juicy inside make every bite a delightful experience. This is why Toit’s fried chicken is so popular, attracting diners from all over.

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The Toit Fried Chicken menu is expertly crafted by skilled chefs who put their creativity and dedication into every dish. Each one is made to be delicious and satisfying, with a variety of flavors to enjoy. Whether you like the classic fried chicken or want to try something new, the menu has something for everyone. It’s a testament to the chefs’ skill and innovation in the kitchen.

Note: Some prices may change from one branch to another. So, please must re confirm them.


Variety Price (AED)
Loaded Chicken 10
Cheese Loaded  15
Fries  5


Variety Price (AED)
  • Cheese Burger
  • Hot Burger
20 (Each)
Stock 10
  • Stock With Fries
  • Nashville 
15 (Each)

Chicken Piece 

Variety Price (AED)
Two Piece  10
Five Piece 20
Five Piece with Fries 25

Toit Fried Chicken Photos

One look at the Toit Fried Chicken Photos dishes will capture your attention. The bright colors, neat presentation, and tempting textures make them a delight to see. These photos do more than just show the dishes; they promise an amazing culinary experience.

Loaded Chicken


Customers who have tried the Toit Fried Chicken menu have been very happy. They liked the crispy texture and the tasty seasonings. Here are some things they have said:

  • Toit Fried Chicken has a special flavor that’s both crispy and delicious. When tried it for the first time, enjoyed it!
  • Toit impresses with its quality and quantity. The chicken pieces are sizable, and the spices are flavorful, making for a satisfying meal.
  • The customer service at Toit Fried Chicken is outstanding. The order was delivered promptly and the food was still hot, which was great.
Source Rating Total Reviews
Google 4.6 1,435 Google reviews 
Zomato 4.1 16

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Hence Toit Fried Chicken menu is more than food; it’s a showcase of the chefs’ skills and passion. Each dish is carefully made to be delicious and appealing. Whether you love fried chicken or just want a great meal, Toit’s menu will satisfy you and make you want more. Every bite is full of flavor, showing how talented the chefs are. Try Toit’s Fried Chicken for a memorable meal that will leave you wanting more.

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