Tabali Menu, Hotline Number Egypt

Are you prepared to begin an enjoyable food adventure, savoring the wonderful tastes of Egypt? Tabali is the place for you, offering a blend of skillfully prepared dishes and a relaxed dining atmosphere. We will introduce you to the delicious items on the Tabali Menu and provide the necessary hotline number information to fulfill your culinary cravings. Brace yourself for a journey through the enticing flavors of Egyptian cuisine.

Tabali Menu

The Tabali Menu offers a variety of delicious dishes designed to give your taste buds a special experience. When you look at their menu, you will be impressed by the many creative and flavorful options they have.


Variety Price (EGP)
Original Sandwich 11.95
Original Plate 32.95
Qedra Sandwich 14.95
Qedra Plate  36.95
  • Alex Sandwich
  • Harissa
  • Saffron Lemon 
  • Tabali Sandwich
  • Baladna
  • Alex Plate
  • Harissa Plate Spicy
  • Baladna 
  • Saffron Lemon
Hummus Sandwich  20.95
Foul and Egg Sandwich 19.95
  • Foul and Egg Plate
  • Eggplant Plate


Variety Price (EGP)
Taamia Original Sandwich 12.95
Original Plate 33.95
Kofta Sandwich 14.95
  • Kofta Plate
  • Taamia Eggplant
  • Alex Plate Spicy
Harissa Plate 36.95
Kofta Harissa Sandwich  16.95
  • Kofta Harissa Plate
  • Eggah
Eggplant Sandwich 17.95
Eftekasa Sandwich 24.95


Potatoes may cook in many ways, like mashed, roasted, fried, boiled, or baked in Tabali egypt. This means you can enjoy them in lots of tasty forms and flavors.

Variety Price (EGP)
French Fries Sandwich 22.95
Fries Plate 43.95
Chipsy Fries Sandwich 20.95
Chipsy Fries 38.95
Fries Ketchup and Mayo Sandwich 26.95
Mashed Potatoes Sandwich 23.95
Fries Eggplant Sandwich 26.95
Fries Eggplant Plate  52.95
Fries Cheddar Sauce 69.95
  • Spiced Potatoes Plate
  • Moussaka with Dibs Roman  


Variety Price (EGP)
Roumi Fried Sandwich  48.95
Fried Plate 79.95
Feta Cheese with Tomatoes Sandwich 22.95
  • Aged Cheese Sandwich
  • Cottage Cheese
  • Aged Cheese Plate
  • Cottage Cheese
Cheese Habat al Baraka Sandwich 25.95


Eggs are very flexible to use like scrambled, fried, or boiled. You can also try them in different recipes, such as omelets, vegetables, frittatas, and more. This means you can enjoy eggs in Tabali in lots of delicious ways.

Variety Price (EGP)
Plain Egg Sandwich 25.95
  • Egg Plate
  • Kiri Scrambled Sandwich 
Omelette Vegetables Sandwich 28.95
Omelette Vegetable Plate 49.95
Omelette Mix Cheese Sandwich 40.95
Mixed Cheese Plate  88.95
Pastrami Scrambled 42.95
Pastrami Scrambled Plate  72.95
Omelette PIzza Pastrami 59.95


Variety Price (EGP)
Oriental 75.95
Feta 110.95
Rocca  105.95
Baba Ghanoug  20.95
Hummus  46.95
Hummus Saffron Lemon 52.95
Msabbaha with Harissa  59.95
Mixed Vegetables 79.95


Variety Price (EGP)
Mixed Pickles 19.95
  • Tahina
  • Pickled Eggplant 
  • Tomatoes
  • Potatoes
  • Saffron Lemon


Variety Price (EGP)
Alex Liver Sandwich 59.95
Liver Plate 99.95
Egyptian Sausages Sandwich 65.95
Sausages Plate 129.95
Kofta Sandwich 85.95
Kofta Plate 159.95
Shish Tawook 85.95
Tawook Plate 159.95


Variety Price (EGP)
Egyptian and Pround 179.95
  • Greek
  • Tabali
  • Italian
  • Holland 
Oriental 144.95
Tantawy  134.95
American 169.95


Tabali Hotline Number Egypt

If you are excited to enjoy the delicious food at Tabali, we’ve made it easy for you to order. Just call their special hotline, and their friendly staff will help you choose your favorite dishes from an amazing menu.

Number 19061

Other Cities Branches of Tabali and Contact Number

City Phone Number
Cairo 20 10 01161680
Zamalek 20 10 01161683
Heliopolis 20 10 01161684

Therefore Tabali is not just a regular restaurant; it’s like going on a delicious journey through the flavors of Egypt. They make tasty food, offer a wide menu for everyone, and it’s simple to order from them. You can have Egyptian food at home by calling their hotline. So, why not give Tabali a try, where every dish has a special story of tradition, flavor, and love for food?

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