Willy’s Kitchen Menu, Hotline, Zayed and other Branches in Egypt

At time of dining, our desires extend beyond simple sustenance. We long for best one that leave an indelible imprint of memories. Willy’s Kitchen Menu reflects this idea. They carefully choose dishes that are exciting and tasty. Every bite at Willy’s Kitchen is a assurance of flavors, that definitely show their class. With this, an accessible hotline with many of branches throughout Egypt, are meticulously arranged to elevate your dining experience to extraordinary heights.

Willy’s Kitchen Menu

If you like Egyptian food or want to try dishes from around the world, Willy’s Kitchen Menu has something for everyone. Enjoy delicious buffalo nacho chicken, perfectly grilled kebabs, rich and firecracker burgers, or fresh, hot pizzas. Every item is made with high quality ingredients, making sure your meal is not only tasty but also well made.


Variety Price(EGP) Small Medium Large
Bacon Boss 99.50 129.50 154.50
Smokehouse BBQ 109.50 139.50 159.50
Brooklyn Shrooms 94.50 124.50 149.50
Big Willy  99.50 129.50 149.50
Pepperazzi 114.50 144.50 164.50
Original Cheese Burger  79.50  109.50 139.50

A Hot Mess

Variety Price(EGP) Small Medium Large
Cheese Madness 149.50 174.50 199.50
Chili Chili 109.50 139.50 159.50
J Poppers 109.50 139.50 169.50
Blue Ribbon 99.50 129.50 149.50
Fire Cracker Burger  99.50 129.50 154.50

Chicken Fried

Variety Price(EGP) Small Medium Large
  • Ranchie Crunch
  • Crispy Fried Chicken 
  • Wild West Chicken
129.50 (Each) 179.50 (Each) 249.50 (Each)
Fire Cracker 124.50 // //
Mushroom Melt Chicken 129.50 // //
Cheese Madness 179.50 // //

Nacho Burger and Chicken

Variety Price(EGP) 
  • Nacho Pizza Burger
  • Double Chili Hptdog
119.50 (Each)
  • Willy Nacho Burger
  • Tennessee Nacho Chicken
134.50 (Each)
Cheese Madness 189.50
Hickory BBQ  124.50
Buffalo Nacho Chicken 132.50


Variety Price(EGP) 
Chicken Wings 109.50
Fried Stuffed Fresh Mushroom 69.50
Buffalo Wings  114.50
Chicken Strips 79.50
  • Chili Beef Bowl
  • Buffalo Chicken Strips
64.50 (Each)
Onion Rings 34.50
Jalapeno Cheddar Popper 59.50

Fire Cracker Burger 

Willy’s Kitchen Hotline

At Willy’s Kitchen, we know there are times when you want a tasty meal but are too busy to eat out. That’s why they have a hotline. Just call them, and they will deliver your favorite foods to your door.

Number 19256

Other Willy’s Kitchen Zayed and other Branches in Egypt

Willy’s Kitchen has a lot of branches all around Egypt. This makes it easy for everyone to try their tasty food. Here are the addresses of some of their important branches:

Sheikh Zayed Kargo Mall
Nasr City 9 Hafez Ramadan Street, Off Ahmed Fakhry Street
Maadi 6 El Nassr St
Madinaty Madinaty Open Air Mall, Next to Dara’s Ice Cream
Dokki 5 El Narges Street, Off El Thawra Street
Heliopolis 19th Shams Aldin Alzahabi St. Ard Algolf

Contact Number

City Phone Number
Kargo Mall 20 12 80108858

Hence Willy’s Kitchen menu is all about great food, convenience, and a nice atmosphere. They have many locations in Egypt and also offer home delivery through a phone service. Check out their menu, order your meal, and enjoy a food adventure that will make you want to return for more.

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